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August 31, 2004

Hacks on Casino Avenue

It appears that Casino Avenue is becoming an information source for local hacks, if this story is anything to go by. (The original story is here.)

I'm not sure that the good Greenwich borough resident Inspector Sands will be pleased with the description of his site as being "dedicated to life in Lewisham".

August 30, 2004

The Thames

The Thames, originally uploaded by Adam Tinworth.


Shadow, originally uploaded by Adam Tinworth.

August 26, 2004

Could our local shopping centre be about to change hands?

August 24, 2004

The Hillfoots

The Hillfoots, originally uploaded by Adam Tinworth.

This is where I grew up, at the base of the Ochils.

View from the Wallace Monument

One from the archives: a view from the top of the Wallace Monument near Stirling in Scotland.

August 23, 2004

Soho: Trader

Soho: Trader

Still working my way through the backlog

Where and How to Snap

Two things are changing the way we take photographs: the minimal costs associated with each digital shot (no film, no developing, only printing if you want to) and the growing ubiquity of mobile phones with cameras. The old restrictions on how and where you can take photos are going to struggle as this interesting article points out:

Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection: Editorial: On Camera Policies in Privately Owned Public Spaces

[via Digital Photography Blog]

New Week, New Office

Well, we're in our new Holborn offices and everything's working. In fcat, I'm all unpacked and ready to get down to work, which is a shame because I really didn't think I'd have to work today.

Ah, well.

August 22, 2004

Movie Weekend

It's been something of a movie weekend. After a couple of disappointments recently - we must be the only people who enjoyed the Spider-Man sequel less than the original and King Arthur was decidedly average - I'm happy to report that we were delighted both times.

On Friday night One Woman took ourselves off to see The Bourne Supremacy, which was great fun. The film sucked us both in and didn't let us go until we emerged into the Docklands night a couple of hours later. It's a really relentless watch, with the story barely pausing from the moment it gets underway. Great stuff. I really hope they go on and do the third books as well.

The only complaint I have about the evening was the feeling in the cinema. Normally, we go to the UCI Filmworks out on the Greenwich peninsula, but I fancies having a drink, so we went to the UGC West India Quay. My, but the people there were stressed. There was an edgy tension about the crown that made queuing at the concessions stand and waiting for the film to start positively unpleasant. I don't think we'll go there on a Friday night again.

On Saturday we treated ourselves to the 2 DVD edition of Master and Commander: the Far Side of the World. Over two hours of 19th Century seagoing glory. Barely a hint of land. BArely any women, and certainly no romance. A barrel-chested English hero with a passion for the sea and a love of classical music. How could I not enjoy it?

And they did it without Americanizing it. Will wonders never cease?

August 21, 2004

Linking Lewisham

Recent local links:

Project Nomad - a local government initiative on mobile working, with Lewisham and Greenwich as part of it.

Bar Equal - a trendy bar in Forest Hill...?

Lewisham Community Info - although the list of groups on the left make me feel like I'm not very welcome...

August 19, 2004

One way of telling that you're an official Apple junkie...

You pop over to the Apple Store, and find it closed for updating. And then you sit there, clicking refresh, waiting to see what new stuff they've put up for you to buy.

I'm such a tragic case.

Goodbye to Wardour Street

Man at Work
Man At Work, originally uploaded by Adam Tinworth.

After over 40 years, Estates Gazette is leaving Wardour Street. Today has been a combination of a mad scramble to get the issue out and some pretty dramatic packing. By the middle of tomorrow, nearly half a decade of residence in the same building will be over, and the mag will be on its way to Holborn.

I'm rather looking forward to it.

Journalist in admitted error shocker

A journalist using his column to apologise for being wrong?

BW Online | August 19, 2004 | My Huge Mistake about the Mini

Meanwhile, in Hell, the first snow is falling...

August 18, 2004

Grade X Listing

The BBC finds out what the public would like to see demolished. Some surprising choices in there.

Wireless Property

Ah, now this is interesting. Radio 3 is doing a series of shows themed around the built environment.

[via no, 2 self]


The Independent runs the experience of a Windows to Mac switcher:

It doesn't have to be this way:
"Windows thinks it's a surprise worth telling you about when something works. Apple doesn't."

[via Charles Arthur]

August 17, 2004

Soho: Man in the Window

Man in the Window, originally uploaded by Adam Tinworth.



Drop the capital letters and back away

Wired is making a style change:

Wired News: It's Just the 'internet' Now

Simply, all the words that got capitalised during the dotcom boom are being dropped down to the more grammatically correct lower case. It's about time, too. You see the Internet is no longer Important. No, the internet is just part of life. All is as it should be.

One Man, One Woman, One Hour's Sleep

My wife is, we hope, hovering on the threshold of submitting her PhD thesis tomorrow, bar last minute intervention by her supervisor. Getting to this stage has meant a lot of late nights for her, and more than a few for me. Last night we only hit the sack around 3am, and tonight could be a late one. Given that GRID is in subbing right now, it's been a busy, busy time.

In other words, please forgive the lack of updates of late. Things will improve shortly.

August 15, 2004

Flickr London

I'm still exploring Flickr, and I just found a stream of London photos. You can see them here and they're available as a syndication feed here.


Adam, originally uploaded by Adam Tinworth.

A rather scary pic of me, taken at a leaving do.

Just testing Flickr.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

August 10, 2004

Another rainy Tuesday

Girl in the rainLife has trumped blogging again. I've been working on a little something for White Wolf, processing the first GRID feature to head my way and helping support One Woman through what should be (we hope (fervently)) the final stages of her PhD. Finger to keyboard time has been short.

Still, I couldn't resist sharing this image grabbed on Lewisham station this morning. It works rather nicely as a counterpoint to the Soho Girl image below, don't you think? The splash of colour, the white reflections around her, the yellow line drawing the eye to the figure. I'm glad I didn't stand somewhere else on my commute this morning...

Talking of the Soho series of pics, I'm aware that I've flagged a little. Worry not, I've taken plenty of images, I've just not had the time to get them online. I'll try to do some major catching up in the fortnight before we move offices.

August 6, 2004

Ways to Tell GRID copy is arriving #1

My work mailbox exploded this morning as two journalists started filed copy: one early (thanks David!) and one bang on time. Unfortunately, the flow of multi-megabyte pics into my tiny 50Mb space allocation saw our server policies choke in outrage and temporarily cut off my access to the exciting work of th'interweb.

Next issue I must come up with a clever solution like a web-based drop box or using my Gmail account or something.

Yeah. something.

August 5, 2004

Soho: Girl & Boy

Alley GirlSign Boy

Visual Clutter on Lee High Road

I've been applying my architectural eye to my own neighbourhood, wondering quite what it is that makes parts of Lewisham so problematic. One of them really leapt out at me. Lewisham suffers badly from visual clutter.

Lee High Road ClutterMore Lee High Road Clutter

The problem is particularly pronounced on Lee High Road, where the above pictures were taken. The combination of gaudy façades and multiples extrusions of signage into the space above the street make the whole place feel busy and, frankly, cheap. It's almost certainly counter-productive, too. That sort of visual clutter discourages people from exploring. There's a reason why the best shopping streets are cleanly and simply signed and some councils ruthlessly control the visual aspect of the retail areas.

Dulwich Blogger

Found via comments on a recent entry:


August 4, 2004


Cartier-Bresson is dead.

One of photography's true greats has passed on.

Use an iPod in Australia and get jailed

Macworld UK - Oz iPod-owners could face jail

Ah, don't you love it when politicians legislate without fully understanding the subject?

A very big house in the country

A change is afoot in the planning laws. The government has issues a new Planning Policy Statement which favours modern design over traditional design in new country houses. This is a placement of Gummer's Law, the planning policy which loosened restraints to allow more country house development.

In the constant battle between architectural innovation and our nostalgic heritage, it look like Labour has taken a side.

August 3, 2004

Rainy Day Tuesday

London Bridge in the rainToday, it rained. The garden reached its thirsty hands to the sky and drank it in, but the streets rejected the downpour. The thin film of oil and other, less savoury, substances allowed the water to just slip off the streets and made walking treacherous. Once more, the problems London suffers when it doesn't rain regularly were there, in palpable form, beneath our feet.

If our climate really is getting hotter and dryer, as it often seems it is, then we need to look again at how we clean the streets of this city. It only takes a few days without rain and the city becomes increasingly rank each day, as the sun beats down on the litter on the streets. I've mentioned before how impressed I was with the street cleaning in Barcelona, and how efficiently they kept the streets of that hot, dry city clean and pleasant smelling.

The time is coming when we might have to take a leaf from their book.

August 2, 2004

No longer Empty?

Is Empty reborn?

Meet the Elephant Girl

A new South East London blogger: Elephant Girl. She's a student and has Asperger Syndrome and mild religious mania.

Go read.

Back in the smoke, back on broadband

From this morning's web travels:

Killing a sacred cow: inequality has got worse under Labour. Remind me again why the Tories are the unremittingly evil ones?

Meanwhile, it look like the low-earning country dweller get taxed more than the high-earning city-dwellers. Of course, there are density issues here which complicate these calculation, and which the BBC neatly skirts around.

Charles Arthur, The Independent's computing journalist, has a blog.

Inspector Sands has some great pictures of the remains of the Millennium Experience, held in the Dome back in 2000. What a waste. I went to the dome with One Woman and One Woman's Mother back in 2000 and had a great time. It's just a pity that the combination of a cynical media and politicians with no experiences of anything but politics managed to ruin it all. Ah, well.


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