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I’m about to hit the sack for the night, but if all goes well, something interesting and novel should be about to happen on this blog.

Fingers crossed…

  1. I think I scared a lot of people this morning. I got onto my normal morning train at Lewisham, to find an unattended bad sat in the entrance way. I asked the assembled commuters if it belonged to anyone, and got no reply. Slowly, dozens of eyes widened in fear, as they realised what that could mean. Luckily, a small, embarrassed voice from the other end of the carriage said that it was theirs. People forget all too quickly, don’t they?

  2. How come, when I give a book a bad review in print, the first enquiry we get about it is someone asking where they can buy it? (The book in question is 30 St Mary Axe: A Tower For London. While it’s not much use for the property professional, the more lay readers here may well enjoy it.)

  3. Is there a single woman in London who looks good in those mid-calf length trousers that are all the rage at the moment? If so, I haven’t seen here.