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January 13, 2009

Links: The Community Conversation

Comment MangementSo, back in the office. First proper day back at work, and despite a few of last year's niggle raising their heads again, I'm still pretty positive about the year ahead - and looking forward to some new challenges that are on the horizon. More on that when I can talk about them.

In the meantime, here's a few links I've been saving up about managing communities:

  • Reader, I Banned Him - Alison Gow talks through her rationale for banning people from forums.
  • Commenting survey results - Ryan Sholin has been doing some research into commenter behaviour to check his gut instincts - and has found them wrong. Blog posts are where commenters are most civil, news stories where they're the least. My guess is that it's because it's much harder to heckle a conversation than a lecture...
  • Why Commenting on News Sites Still Stinks - a follow-up to the last post, which gives a great series of steps to start getting other journalists really engaged with the conversation. 
  • Visualising the Social Network - I think this diagram sums up pretty well how you can usefully visualise the interlocking mesh of different communities that make up many people's online social interactions. 
  • To The Press Tribe: Your Content is a Product - a long, weighty and thought-provoking piece that looks at how easily businesses can miss the community element of the new social tools  (despite the clue being in the name), and bury them in existing processes. I am honor-bound to link this, as I'm quoted. :)

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