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October 31, 2012

The Skill of Short, Sharp Blogging


Antony Mayfield picked up Steph's post - and my follow-up -  about bringing back the blog - and keeping it short. But he laments his struggles in keeping things concise:

Although, I am not off to a very good start. This post is already expanding to a medium-size post...

Short, sharp blogging (in my experience, at least) is built on two principles:

  1. Connect the thought "that's interesting" with the action of writing the blog post as closely as you can. Don't leave tabs mouldering in your browser, don't leave draft posts in your drafts folder. Get it done, and get out. 
  2. Be very clear what the point you want to make is, make it and quit. Over a while, the various pots will built into a narrative of the issue you're exploring - and you can bring that narrative to a peak, if not a climax, by writing that longer post. But save that until the point where the creative damn is going to burst, by letting some pressure out over time with those short posts. 
Short form blogging is a matter of time disciple and focus - but it's rewarding, useful to the reader, and really refreshing in an age when too many "problogs" read like serialised instruction manuals...

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