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December 11, 2012

Buy The Times, get a tablet...

The Times - Nexus 7 offerGreat offers that I don't understand #56: The Times giving away or selling you a cheap Nexus 7 with a digital subscription. I see the concept - a digital sub AND the device to read it on. The problem? My experience of using The Times on the Nexus 7 is terrible. Unless I've missed something (I had - see below), the app is just a standard Android phone one, with no real modifications for the tablet form. Unless that improves fast, this is going to hurt The Times's digital aspirations, not help them. 

Update: OK, I had missed something. The Times app - the only one I could find last time I searched the Play store - is not the only one. There's a tablet edition that works a lot better - and which seems to have replaced the old one I had, but without upgrading the old one directly. Makes more sense now - compare these screen shots:


Old-style Time app for Android


New style Times app on AndroidI'll have a play over the next few days and report back...

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