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January 24, 2013

Six things I learnt while teaching journalism students today

Winter's grasp

  1. Carrying your DSLR with you to do some video demos means you can grab unexpected fun images while waiting for a train
  2. Confusion about what images from the web you're allowed to grab and use on your site starts long before journalists get into the workplace (lecture on copyright delivered)
  3. People get shifty when they realise that your quick lesson in how to get videos off their iPhone and onto their Mac ends up showing thumbnails of every video they've ever recorded
  4. It took me nearly ten minutes to recall the details of my first kiss
  5. Students are getting cunning about getting links to their blog:
    (This is the blog in question) 
  6. Finding out about Twitter's new video app while pulling into your home station makes for a very boring first post:

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