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June 19, 2013

Lightweight Liveblogging Kit

light-liveblogging-kit.jpgMonday's Hacks/Hackers Brighton was my opportunity to test-drive a lightweight liveblogging kit. I'm used to lugging around a MacBook Pro and a Canon DSLR with a few lenses for liveblogging - two bodies, if it's a paid gig. It's overkill for some situations, so I've been assembling the components for a leightweight kit. At the heart of it is an iPad. On top of that:

How did it go?

Great. Once again, I found that the iPad screen size is pretty much perfect for writing. It allows you to be focused, without being over-whelming - and without the distractions that a computer brings. I think twice before switching to a different app on the iPad while liveblogging, while I'm more likely to tab into Twitter, say, if I'm on the MacBook Pro. It was a pleasant writing experience, which lead to longer posts than normal. 

I need to work a little on the photographic element of it. The camera was fine. Pulling the photos onto the iPad was fine. Getting the colour balance right wasn't - as you can see in this photo:

Libby PowellI need to experiment with the different photo editing options on the iPad to resolve that - and then practice with them until I know how to use the app quickly and efficiently.


  • The iPad is potentially a great liveblogging device
  • It can certainly function as a "back up" to the laptop in case of failure or power loss
  • It may, with some practice, do as my main device in many situations
  • I need to invest some time in invesigating photo editing apps

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