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December 16, 2013

18 novels in my Pocket

It's that time of the year when some of the social services you use start sending you stats. The one I got from Pocket - a "save and read it later" service - was actually quite eye-opening...

Pocket consumption stats852,713 words! That's a fair few books right there - and that's not counting the material I consumed staright away in my feed reader and never got as far as Pocket-ing. And, indeed, all the unread items that are still in my Pocket...

You can see the stats in full, if you wish, but there's not a lot more.

One of the reasons I've switched to Pocket from Instapaper is this stats element. They have a good stats service for publishers, for example, that gives you a sense of how often people are consuming your articles in their service. Here's how it's looking for me right now:

Pocket Publisher StatsAs people's reading tools diversify, I suspect being able to move easily through a range of analytics tools to get a complete picture of how and where your content is being consumed will become a core skill for publishers and editors. 

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