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December 10, 2013

#leweb - The robots are coming for our kids...

Bruno Maisonnier at LeWeb

Liveblog of Bruno Maisonnier, Founder & Director, Aldebaran Robotics at LeWeb 10

Can robots make the world of education better? Can universes benefit from robots? Can autistic children improve through a robot companion? Can children start enjoying maths when taught by a robot pal?

Bruno Maisonnier thinks that world is here now. His robots can read your emotions and behave accordingly. They can address your left brain - your emotions - so you become more accepting of them.

Technology is moving so fast that people are being excluded from it. We are leaving behind people who can't use traditional interfaces. Robots are an extension of the digital into the physical, and provide a whole new interface. They're in use right now - but imagine what they will be like in a decade. The cognitive investment to interact with a robot is very low. If one becomes your principle interface for the digital world, what does that facilitate?

There will be a robot in homes, in shops. There will be millions of them, in homes and in retail. Mobile has made a huge change in our life. Robots will be next - but we need to develop the applications.

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