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December 9, 2013

(Not yet) 10 years of LeWeb

Not 10 years of Le WebSo, we had our blogger back-stage tour of the venue for LeWeb Paris 2013, and there's one of these huge banners in one of the docks. The odd thing, though, is that while it's claiming 10 years of LeWeb - well, it isn't.

The event that became LeWeb - LesBlogs - was first held in April 2005. That suggests that we're now 16 months away from the decade of LeWeb. Even if Loïc was working on it for a year before the event - that's still four months shy. Ah, well. The next 10 years is still a good topic...

See you all tomorrow for mucho livebloggage.

UPDATE: After sleeping on it, I realised that this is, as I said yesterday, the 10th LeWeb, but over 7 years. So it feels like the 10th edition is being conflated with the 10th anniversary.

I'm such a pedant.

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