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April 1, 2010

YouTube Caters To Old School Journalists

Paywalls aren't the only "retreat to print structures" model out there. YouTube has launched a new TEXTp format for its videos, that's sure to warm the cockles of every "screw multimedia, words are all that matter" pissed old old-school hack:

The new format isn't available for embedding yet, so check it out here.

And they couldn't have chosen a finer day to introduce this service. 

April 1, 2004


Sorry. I had a frog in my throat for a moment there.


Ugh. Up early this morning because the pond needed clearing. The spring is not a good time to be keeping frogs, because sudden bursts of heat like we had yesterday suddenly fill the pond with algae. I hate scooping that stuff our on the way to work.

Still, the frogs seemed pleased and were calling cheerfully this morning. Lorna's turn tomorrow.   


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