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February 23, 2014

New York Moments

New York morningJust back from a quick trip to New York to deliver some training. Here's a few moments from my trip...

New York NewsstandNew York burgerBrandwatch command centreYou can see all my New York photos on Flickr.

December 15, 2013

Revisiting Apple Maps

A Paris hotel's locationOccasionally, I make decisions which make me question my own sanity. For example, last Monday, I arrived in Paris via the Eurostar, after attending a funeral in the morning. What's the obvious thing to do next? Grab a bite to eat? Jump in a cab to the hotel? Have a wee drinkie?


Thumbnail image for Walking Paris with Apple MapsApparently, it's to check in on Apple Maps for the first time in over a year. Like many people who upgraded to iOS 6 back in 2012, I played with Apple Maps a couple of times, got terrible results, and abandoned it as soon as the Google Maps app was released. I'd decided to walk to my hotel - it was only 20 minutes away, and you wait way longer than that for a cab at Gare du Nord. Besides, once a cabbie left me the wrong side of Paris at completely the wrong hotel. Not feeling the love for the Parisian cab driver.  And so needed directions, and I'd rather have them without wandering the backstreets of Paris with my phone in front of me the entire journey. I looked up the hotel in Apple Maps on my iPhone, stuck some music on, and allowed the voice to guide me the whole way, only getting it out of my pocket once to check exactly where I was meant to be going.

And I arrived. I was exactly where I needed to be without any problems at all. This was not my experience of using Apple Maps a year ago, when it once delivered me to completely the wrong street for a breakfast meeting.

Suitably impressed, I used it for the rest of my stay. I made an ad hoc decision that evening to check the walking route back to my hotel from the point the Official Blogger party bus dropped me off rather than just using the Metro. 15 minute walk? Fine. And I arrived no problem at all. 

That encouraged me to start looking at some of the other functions I'd pretty much ignored. The 3D modelling of the area around the hotel was recognisably the right place (see the image at the top of this post). And how about the venue for LeWeb itself?

That looks pretty familiar:

Eurosites Les DocksIt also reveals that there's a dirty great pile of aggregates (or similar) just beyond the venue that I never realised was there...

Pretty decent work from the Apple team, it appears. Now I'll be giving it a work out here in provincial West Sussex to see if it holds up outside a major European capital. 

December 6, 2011

The Romance of Paris

The view from my hotel window
This is the view from my hotel window in Paris.

It's just possible that I've chosen poorly...

June 10, 2011

Hiatus: Concluded

German Town
And...I'm back.

This blog has been on something of an unannounced hiatus, as I took a holiday in Germany, for a friend of my wife's wedding, and I decompressed both from the internet and from the busy couple of months beforehand. I was nearly completely offline while in Kassel, and that actually came as a blessed relief. I took an awful lot of photos, and read two books...

Things are about to get busy again, and indeed have been frantic for the two whole days I've been back at work. But normal blogging service resumes here. :-)
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January 20, 2011

iPad over the Atlantic

Using my iPad as in-flight entertainment

A meeting at work this morning reminded me of something I noticed on the flight over to Florida at the tail end of last year and which is worth sharing.

Inspired, possibly, by reading Runway Girl who has talked about this as a possibility, I had my iPad all loaded up with movies, TV and games ready to entertain me for the near-9 hour flight. And it did the job just great. I still had around 40% battery life left at the end of the flight. (Can anyone name the film I'm watching in the photo? :-) )

But that wasn't the thing that was interesting. Here's what was: the guy next to me was also using an iPad (he was watching opera videos). And so was the woman across the aisle from me (playing Fruit Ninja, mainly). And so were two other people in the block of five seats she was sitting in. And so were other people all up and down the plane. As many people were using iPads as were watching the in-flight entertainment - and this was just in the economy class.

We found out earlier in the week that Apple has shipped 15m of these things. And it's beginning to show...

October 20, 2008

One Man in Berlin

After a fairly drawn-out journey (I always forget how darn slow air travel can be if you're starting in London, especially if I don't fly for six months or more), I'm in Berlin, for two purposes. First of all, I'll be attending and blogging the Web 2.0 Expo here (as one of their premier bloggers, no less). And I'm looking forward to that.

However, I'm also using this as a springboard for a new project within the day job, which I'll fill you guys in on tomorrow. In the meantime, here's some Berlin scenes I grabbed with my Flip Mino earlier:

Arrival in Berlin from Adam Tinworth on Vimeo.

So far, so good. The taxi drivers are far more competent that their Parisian counterparts (the first taxi driver I used in Paris for Le Web last year took me to the wrong part of the city...), the city looks beautiful in the autumn sunshine and I'm only 10 minutes walk from the conference venue. But what about the hotel?
Continue reading One Man in Berlin.

March 5, 2008

Aborted Plane Landing

It's enough to put you off flying for life:

March 28, 2007

Indict the NYPD

Indict the NYPD, originally uploaded by Adam Tinworth.

From a protest I ran into while in New York last week.

March 19, 2007

New York, New York

I'm a long way from home and very, very tired right now.

I'm in downtown Manhattan, here to visit our US office and speak at a conference on Wednesday.

However, I've been up for 17 hours at this point, so I need coffee before I can write anything more useful.

December 10, 2006

Observations from the Eurostar

Things I've noticed on my journey:

  1. For some reason, French trees look distinctly French. They're the same species on the whole, so I suspect it's just planting patterns.
  2. Eurostar Power SocketI was busy plugging my laptop into the covenient power outlet next to my seat, when it struck me that it was odd to offer just a French socket on a London/Paris train. A little later on, the lady the other side of the aisle from me headed to the bar, and I noticed that the socket on her side was a UK one. A quick scout down the train confirmed it: France and UK sockets alternating. What a strange way of doing it. They clearly don't assign seats based on where you booked, or I wouldn't have ended up with a French socket.
  3. There's so much more countryside in France than the UK. Intellectually, I've known that for years, but watching it fly by on the train makes it that much clearer.

Beneath the Sea

On a Eurostar train
Here's a first for me: I'm blogging somewhere under the English Channel. I'm off to Le Web 3 in Paris and finally getting to travel by Eurostar.

And, hmm, well, it's a touch disappointing. All the adverts they show you of the service certainly don't show you the economy class which, like a good corporate citizen, I've chosen. It's cramped, just a little too warm and feels ever-so-slightly grimy. In future, I'll see if I can wing it into business class.

October 2, 2006

getting online while away on business

Rainbow over Sandown Park

Busy work day today. I'm off on a conference that took up the whole of this evening and will eat up pretty much all of tomorrow. And I'm looking forward to every minute of it. When did that happen?

However, the really cool thing is that both the conference venue and the hotel I'm staying in tonight have completely free internet access. Free WiFi at Sandown Park and free wired broadband in the room at Oatlands Park.

So, I'm keeping up with e-mail, IMing family and friends, listening to podcasts and even getting some blogging done, without it costing me a penny extra. That's customer service. That's what will bring me back to places like this.

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