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Month: November 2003

MPs: Hot or Not?

I know that there’s a problem getting “yoof” interested in politics, but is a Hot or Not MP contest really the answer?

I’d say that the BBC had sunk to a new low, bar the fact that this is a product of Radio Five Live, which is already pretty low.

History of the Tango

I think that tango dancers often suffer somethings of an inferiority complex, burdened as they are with the filmic image of a couple dancing an incredibly stylised dance. They both stirde down the hall joined arms outstreched, her with a rose between her teeth. Of course, the real dance is nothing like that bastardised form of ballroom tango. A new website – The History of Tango – 150 years of Tango Dance and Music History – makes a good job of laying out the history of this interesting dance.

Admittedly, it’s text-heavy and picture-light, but the words are worth reading.