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Alsop’s Drop

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Risk-taking architect bailed out after projects founder:

Alsop Architects, one of Britain’s most colourful and internationally renowned practices, has been forced into receivership by a financial crisis.

Directors of the practice headed by the outspoken architect and artist Will Alsop have sold 40% of the business to R Capital, a London-based firm of venture capitalists, as part of a rescue plan after a string of dramatic and costly projects worldwide came to nothing, according to a report in today’s Building Design magazine.

Designing large boiled sweets clearly isn’t as profitable as it once was.

CamberwellOnline Blog

Found on my travels - CamberwellOnline Blog: I noticed while I was walking today that the old Mary Datchelor School (which then became the Save The Children head office) and the Butterfly tennis courts between Grove Lane and Camberwell Grove have both been acquired by St George PLC.... They don't deal in low and stuff and they tend to pick up-and-coming new markets with some accuracy.

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FAQ me again

A quick glance below or to the right will show you that I've started pulling together a FAQ for this site. If you have an suggestions of other questions I should answer on there, please let me know.

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Who are you?

The domain name rather gives that away…

I’m a 30-something business journalist living in Lewisham. I’m married, have no kids yet and enjoy a range of things from good whiskies, through writing and photography to gardening.

Are you the guy that used to edit Cub / write RPG stuff / go to school in Scotland / fence / be VP: Welfare / run the school darkroom / work on Felix?

Yeah, that’s me.

How long have you been blogging?

I first started blogging with a Livejournal back in late 2001, in the aftermath of my Dad’s death. I started One Man & His Blog in March 2003 because I wanted to try something different from the “group of friends chatting” feel of my Livejournal. I started on Blogger and then moved to Movable Type a few months later. If I was starting again, I’d probably go with Typepad, but for now, MT suits me just fine.

Why One Man + His Blog?

It’s a rather lame pun on an old British TV show called One Man & His Dog, which was essentially televised sheepdog trials.

But <bloggerx> uses the name!

<bloggerx> may well use the name and, last time I checked, there were five different blogs using the name “One Man & His Blog” or some variation thereof. As far as I can establish I was the first blogger using it be a good few months, so I have no intention of giving it up.

Well, actually, I do often toy with changing the name of the blog, but I’ve never got around to it.

Is this blog connected to Estates Gazette?

Only inasmuch as I work for the magazine. This is my personal blog though, and all the opinions here are expressly my own and should not be construed as being those of my employer or colleagues, or my wife, family or friends. They’re mine. All mine. My precious.

So, who’s the blog aimed at?

Honestly? Me. I spend my working life writing for a known audience. I write this stuff because I want to, and anyone who reads and likes it is a bonus. The mag I work for shifts in the region of 28,000 copies a week, so I have no insecurities about reader numbers to prop up. If five people a week get pleasure from this blog, so much the better.

C’mon, how many people really read this blog?

More than five. Quite a lot more, in fact.

Dumb as a Bush

President Bush’s re-election website is blocking all non-US traffic, as reported by the BBC.

This is dumb.

Why? Well, leaving aside the fact that whatever goes on in America has a significant impact on the rest of the world, many American are overseas, too. I know American working in Paris for a few months. One Woman is, in fact, an American citizen, casting an absentee ballot.

Clearly Georgie doesn’t care much about people overseas. That should, and hopefully will, cost him votes.

Seven Degrees of Lunch

Ever get bored with the same round of blogs you read? I was feeling that way this lunchtime, so I decided to blog surf to seven blogs, starting with one on my list of links on the right (which I must get around to expanding and updating). The only rule was that the link to the next blog must be found somewhere on the first, and only the first was allowed to be a regular visit blog.

OK, I started with February 30th, the first link on my links list, who is quiet for personal reasons. That lead me to The Inside Of My Head, which has a nice piece about the protester that’s lived outside the House of Commons for the past three years. Blunkett wants to get rid of him with legislation.

The article was cross-posted to perfect.co.uk. That’s an interesting political site that I’d not come across before, so I added it to Bloglines. Sadly, it also seemed a dead end in terms of blog links, until it noticed the various authors are all linked to their own sites. Onwards!

One of the authors was Richard Hodkinson, who has a blog at hurtling.com. I have an aversion to sites which literally give you the bird on the front page, so I didn’t linger. I resorted to comments on one entry for a link and found mamamusings, the blog of Elizabeth Lane Lawley. I spent a good while reading her blog, and found the pictures of the memorial to soldiers killed in Iraq on Long Beach quite moving. Into her public Bloglines subscriptions for my next link.

My discovery? Girlwonder, who posts about the issue of mobile technology and the suburbs. Given my professional interest in the link between technology and the built environment (ie, I write about it) this caught my eye. I’ll be wandering back to this site again.

My last leap was from Molly’s extensive list of links. It took me to Interaction Design Hub Blog and an interesting piece on the social aspects around mobile phones.

Here ends my first Seven Degrees of Lunch.

Policing, the Lewisham Way

On Friday night, One Woman and I headed over to visit friends in St Reatham. On the way, near New Cross, we passed a huge number of coppers. Now I know why:

More than 400 officers were involved in raids on three businesses in Lewisham on Friday night – the culmination of a huge offensive against gun and drug crime in the borough, with police making 80 arrests. Police used the Millennium Dome as a base to prepare for the raids, rolling out at 10.30pm in two buses and 20 police vans to storm a barber’s, a pub and a takeaway restaurant in Lewisham Way. Officers used a special, airport-style scanning machine to search suspects detained in the raids for firearms and drugs.

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