JK Rowling a fake? A fun – but silly – conspiracy theory

This is the most enjoyable conspiracy theory I’ve seen in a while. A Norwegian film director is claiming that JK Rowling is actually a manufactured personality, and that the Harry Potter books are written by a team of authors. It sits just on the edge of plausibility, like all the best conspiracy theories.


  1. Phil says:

    J.K. Rowling a Fraud?

    Of course no evidence can be produced to back this up, as such a thing is meticulously planned.

    There is one bit though. It has been documented how useful the stories of rags to riches are to those in power. That, together with the enormous success which can be almost completely attributed to the overwhelming marketing blitzes accompanying each book and film, together with the fact that it IS in fact uninspired and cliche filled Tolkein-rip-off crap, one doesn’t have to imagine a fantasy world for this sort of thing to take place. Evidence be damned, I’m with the Norwegian.

  2. Mylord says:

    From The Creator of Harry Potter

    The Harry Potter story is the creation by an Australian man.

    The story began its origin in 1978.

    The author was beginning a nine year service period in the Army.

    The authors assigned position was as a cinema projectionist.

    During the course of the authors service time, many story concepts were constructed.

    One set of seven titles were formed by story-board design sets of drawings.

    While the original creator & author of the Harry Potter concept story has suffered the loss of several thousand drawings of many inventions and stories from his home, the same wizard story was subsequently formed into books and published by JK Rowling.

    Amazingly, the same seven titles that were formed by the original creator of the Harry Potter story concept and story-lines designs, that were written on his story-board artwork pertaining to the wizard stories, have appeared as the titles of the seven stories about a boy wizard, as published by, and credited to; JK Rowling!

    JK Rowling has mentioned she felt she was living the life of a beetle (a bug, unnoticed in the carpet), but that all changed after Harry fell into her head, fully formed, while on a delayed train, in four hours. It is hoped you don’t believe that twaddle. It is not as the real author may tell you!

    The real creator of the original Harry Potter story, theme, and concept, is left unknown after many years developing the story, but… read more at;

    mylord.amplify.com/The_True_ Origins_Of_ Harry_Potter

    There is over seven pages to digest.

    Happy days,
    Author; Mylord

  3. Mylord says:

    The real creator of the Harry Potter concept reveals details that have previously been untold by the plagiarist known to have created the Harry Potter story.

    The article is titled: “The Author of Harry Potter Extra 26-12-10”

    This article will reveal to the reader the true origins of the Harry Potter story and the original author. The content is all true. What the reader believes is up to the readers own discretion. learn about the Harry Potter story and its origin that has not been published by the known author. The information here is by the unknown author who actually originally created the Harry Potter story in the first place, but could not publish the story from lack of the authors story material and designs! By reading the article the reader will gain an understanding as to why the claims made of the origins of the Harry Potter story, as told by Joanne K Rowling, have been unbelievable. End Excerpt

    Read the whole article at


    Titled; The Author of Harry Potter-25-12-10

    Author; Mylord,

  4. John says:

    Boy oh Boy!
    And when the shit hits the fan… as surely it must… who will scurry for the hills with their bags of money?

    Rowling, Little and his partner Blair… will just be a few of those deserting the sinking ship. I refer to the impending court case against Rowling in London’s High Court which, oddly enough, seems to have escaped everybody’s mind. It is still on, I take it? Dum..dum..dedum…dum…dedum..dedum..de…dumb.

  5. Dean Jackson says:

    “Of course no evidence can be produced to back this up, as such a thing is meticulously planned.”

    The evidence is Rowling’s own concocted narrative, where she’s diagnosed with clinical depression yet she’s capable of writing the Bible-sized Harry Potter tome! She then describes this period of clinical depression as “liberating”!

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