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Month: May 2006

Blast from the Past

A new subcategory has appeared under Travel in the list on the right. Florida is home to a series of posts I made while on holiday in, well, Florida 18 months ago. These lived in another blog, because I didn't want to advertise my absence to London's criminal fraternity, but really deserved a home here, too.

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The Fall and Rise of Andrew Brown: Blogger

Before I get onto the subject of blogging and journalism, I'd like to look and politics and blogging. Specifically, I'd like to comment a little on no-longer-councillor Andrew Brown.

Andrew has being something of a poster child for blogging politicians. He's been widely quoted in the media, and in political circles, on the topic of blogs and their interaction with the electorate. He used his blog to communicate with the electorate directly, and engaged in conversations with local bloggers (like me).

He then lost his seat at the local elections. So, is political blogging a failed experiment ?

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Blogging, Categorised

I’ve finally given in. Since I started this blog back in ’03, I have fiercely resisted having a “blogging” category on here. Too many blogs, I reasoned, spent all their time talking about blogging, in some form of self-referential circle-jerk. In 2006, that manifestly isn’t true any more. Blogs are being used for every purpose under the sun, from knitting, to gardening, to dirty
great trucks

And, frankly, I want to write about the interaction of blogging and journalism quite a lot in the next few weeks. It’s a subject that fascinates me – which is one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place – and it’s one that will grow in importance in my life, I suspect.

So, blogging‘s in the list now. You are officially warned.

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Blog Rebuild Update

My efforts to bring this blog in line with the latest Movable Type features (soon to grow in version 3.3) are bearing fruit, but there are still some problems.... Word of warning: the site is likely to stay with one of the default templates until the launch of the aforementioned MT 3.3, at which point I'll be introducing a whole new look.

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Strange Changes

If you’re reading this blog on the web, you’re going to see some odd changes in the next few days.

I’m doing some work on the site’s plumbing, and a new design will follow.

For those of you reading via RSS – never mind. Nothing to see here.