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What a week it’s been. I can’t go into details just yet, but I’m more excited about what’s happening right now than I have been since, well, my wedding I suppose.

Excitement is good. Mystery is good. My workload right now isn’t – but that’ll calm down, or at least mutate in a pleasing way, soon enough. So, just as last week was a light blogging week, expect intermittent and quota posts in the week to come, too.

However, I couldn’t let the weekend finish without posting a couple of pictures from the family weekend in Suffolk. I had two great opportunities for shooting candids; one at a local charity fund-raising do, and one at a food fair. While more of them will appear on Flickr shortly (courtesy of Fraser‘s newly-released FlickrExport 2, these are fine tasters. The chap below (and the chillis in the earlier post) was snapped at the food fair:

Eating Man in Halesworth

While this shot of my brother Mark calling a raffle was grabbed at the charity event:

Mark calls the raffle


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The relationship between online and paper publishing is evolving at an incredible rate. In the last fortnight alone, we’ve seen The Guardian announce that stories will hit the website before the paper (provoking plenty of ‘me too’ announcements from other nationals), and that it’ll be providing a downloadable
PDF of stories
for people to print off and read.

And that seems like a good thing, doesn’t it? The newspapers are adopting to a new age. But there are big risks here. In the paper-only age, big companies had the advantage in launching titles. They had the money, the expertise and the supply arrangements to get a magazine out into  the marketplace. On the internet, blogs allow people to be publishing in literally minutes, while corporate can take months to turn a good publishing idea into online reality. The publishers had the online sales teams to get
the ad revenue coming in. Now Google will do that for any publisher, even the one man band. And the majority of the most-read blogs are still those set up by individuals.

Now, the big publishers are only just getting into this game, but its a game with new rules, and it’ll be very interesting to see how the blog landscape looks in a year’s time. Bit it is a new age. It will change existing publishers. As a journalist working in a big, and often slow-moving, publisher, I should be scared. But somehow, I’m actually very excited. The reasons why will have to wait for another post.

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Roy Tinworth

Father’s Day is very bittersweet for me at the moment. I’ve not yet had kids of my own, and I lost my Dad to cancer a few years back.

So, in memory of a good man and a great father, here’s the very first picture I took of my Dad, back in the late 70s. I still miss you, Dad.

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Adam's Vox Page

Six Apart support have managed to fix my Vox login problems, and I’m up and going, as you can see from the above grab. You can see the live site here.

My opinion? Well, so far, I’m really impressed. This really is blogging as a tool for communicating with friends and family, rather than the world as a whole. Adding media to the site, from videos to photos, is dead easy, and the default layouts are great. The idea that you can restrict certain posts to just your family or your friends is an excellent mash-up of the way that Livejournal and Flickr‘s community features work. Indeed, the general idea seems like the capabilities of Livejournal mashed with the user-friendliness and design ethos of Typepad. I’m having immense amounts of fun with it so far, because the visual nature of the site matches the way my brain works.

My main complaint so far is that there’s no ability to chose your local Amazon site for importing links to book and CD covers, as it only uses the US site. However, I’m sure that they’ll add that option in time.

I’ve got a couple of invites to the standard level, one of which has already gone to a friend, and the other of which I’ll use for a family member in the next week or so.

A very impressive start from a pre-launch service.

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