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Those Who Can, Do AND Teach

Teaching dedication takes on a whole new meaning at Fraser’s school:

Last night, I wrote an application which I imaginatively call KidBrowser. …

Basically, it’s an ultra-simple web browser for our Primary 1 children (age 5-6). It has a row of buttons along the top, which can be configured by a teacher to point to different sites. It takes over the entire screen and, well, that’s it really.

He just whipped up a quick browser overnight? Good Lord, if Lorna and I are blessed with kids, I’m only going to accept a school which has a successful software developer teaching the kids.

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Cars, Police and Bad Days

Wing clipped?

Originally uploaded by Adam Tinworth.

I’m not having a good time of it right now, and I’d like to thank one individual in particular for making things worse. Yes, I’d like to thank the lackwit that rammed my parked car with his sometime last night, doing this damage to it. I think the failure to leave any insurance details behind. That was a nice touch.

I’d also like to thank Lewisham police for welcoming me into a locked glass box, where a bored young man gave me a form to fill in while informing that they intended to do absolutely nothing about it. You see, unless somebody inflicts criminal damage on your car under the watchful eye of the CCTV, they’re not interested. Too much like hard work, I presume.

Today has not been a good day. And what, do you think, are the odds of the insurance company deciding to write the car off?

Why Teenagers Don’t Read Magazines

John Naughton‘s speech to the Society of Editors conference last week has reprinted in The Observer as Young people don’t like us. Who can blame them? It’s a corker:

Now look round the average British newsroom. How many hacks have a Flickr account or a MySpace profile? How many sub-editors have ever uploaded a video to YouTube? How many editors have used BitTorrent? (How many know what BitTorrent is?)

And while some of our teenagers’ interests coincide with ours, many do not. Here, for example, are the top blog tags on Technorati last night: Bush, careers, college, comedy, Congress, death, Democrats, elections, Flickr, gay, Halloween, Iraq, Microsoft, money, Republicans, Saddam, Ted Haggard, vote, war, breaking-news, tagshare, YouTube. Some you’ll recognise. But you won’t see much about many of these in the papers.

It’s not only an accurate view of the way things are in many media businesses, it’s also a roadmap as to where they should be…