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Very Late: Lewisham Blogger Meet-Up

Rather late (as it was weeks ago) here’s a selection of pictures from the Lewisham Bloggers’ Meetup:

Created with Paul’s flickrSLiDR.

It was a good night, which I throughly enjoyed. More accounts to be found at the Ragged School Blog, Bob from Brockley, Max, Rob, David, Tom, Richard, Kate, Wulf and host Andrew Brown.

I hope the next one is less than six months away, otherwise I may not be a Lewisham blogger any more.

Press Gazette Covers RBI Sale

To be fair, a trade press story popped up on the Press Gazette Twitter feed this morning

Centaur in 300k directory buy-up:
Centaur has acquired the Creative Handbook from Reed Business Information for £300,000.The purchase of the annual directory for the creative services market is planned to complement Centaur’s monthly magazine Creative Review and the weekly Design Week

Pity it was one I had known about for a few days…

Update 22/2/07: If you’re looking for information about Reed Elsevier’s divestment of RBI, try:

RBI to be divested by Reed Elsevier
RBI for Sale: Coverage Continues

Press Gazette relaunches, still excludes trade press

So, Press Gazette relaunched last week. I actually saw the website in the first few hours, thanks to Martin Stabe’s tweet, but I’ve been far too busy to write about it.

My first impression was generally positive. I liked the “classic yet somehow modern” new logo and the newsy feel of the site. The few technical glitches in the site that I noticed in the first 24 hours seem to have been largely ironed out by now. And it’s generally clean, clear and easy to navigate around.

There are some major negatives, though. The lack of RSS feeds for the news is the obvious one. Most of the sites I follow regularly, I follow through RSS. Other news sites I have to remember to visit, and I suspect I’ll only be visiting the Press Gazette site when a journo-blogger I follow links to it.

But what really galls me is, try as I might, I couldn’t find a single reference to trade media in any of the sections.

If your stated aim is to broaden the appeal of the title to all journalists (the mag’s new strap is “for all journalists”), completely excluding the area that the few hundred journalists in this building earn their crust in seems a rather dumb move. And RBI is far from the only large publisher churning out business to business publications and websites. A whole, and not insignificant part of the market, ignored. A whole possible subscriber base, forgotten.

While I’m sure that Press Gazette runs stories on trade media, managing not to have a single story on this area on the site at the time of a major relaunch hardly endears the struggling title to us trade hacks.

For all journalists. Apart from you dumb bastards in the trade press. Obviously.

Management Today’s blogging recommendations

Management Today has noticed that employees blogging is creating management conflicts:

Here at MT, we think that if employers – and employees – are ever going to deal effectively with this situation, they need to engage in a deep-rooted analysis of the causes rather than giving a kneejerk reaction to the symptoms. Aside from the fact that bans, censorship and similar draconian measures simply don’t work, they send the wrong message to staff and the community at large – leading, in all probability, to even more bad-mouthing of the company by disaffected workers on internet suck sites. Which is where we came in…

It’s always fascinating watching discussions that bloggers were having two or three years ago starting to leak out into the mainstream business press…

Back From My Hols

Seagull, originally uploaded by Adam Tinworth.

I’m back from my holiday in Cornwall, where I photographed this chap in the town of Polperro.

I’m off to Dublin on business pretty much straight away, so it may be a couple of days before I pick up posting steam here again.

A Wee Hiatus

I’m taking some time of work and, as blogging is work these day, I’m taking some time off blogging, too. It’s more likely than not that this blog will go silent for a week. See you next Monday.

(I’ll probably still be posting to Vox from time to time, though.)

Blog Tech Afternoon

I’ve spent a chunk of the afternoon today dealing with various behind the scenes issues on my blogs. The most obvious to you will be that, at long last, the headlines of each post on this blog are now links that take you through to that entry’s own page. There were various historic reasons why that wasn’t the case, but Karl mentioned it often enough that I decided it was time to fix it.

In other news, we finally installed Akismet, the spam filtering service from Automattic, on the RBI Movable Type Enterprise installation. As our blog traffic grew, so to did the number of spam comments MTE’s own spam filtering couldn’t handle. In the 48 hours or so it’s been running, Akismet has all but killed off the problem. Hurrah.

Miliband’s Toilet Habits

It appears that David Miliband has some strange toilet habits:

I was lurking outside the press room at the CLA’s centenary conference when the minister appeared and asked whether I could check if there was anyone in the toilet opposite. The reason he wanted me to check it out was because it was the ladies and he didn’t want to surprise anyone.

Not surprising people seems to be his thing right now. No standing against Brown, for example.

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