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Quinn versus Gilligan: Specialist Hack against Mainstream?

David Quinn, a journalist based in Manchester, posted on his blog that last night’s Dispatches by Andrew Gilligan was actually trading off a three year old story. And David should know, because he covers the Manchester property market, which was the subject of the story.

And somebody claiming to be Andrew Gilligan has responded:

The programme did not say or imply that the Manchester story had been
“discovered” by Dispatches or was an exclusive. Please get your facts
right before you attack other people’s.

There’s two interesting things here. Firstly, it’s revealing that mainstream TV journalism thinks that covering three year old stories is OK. And secondly, it’s very interesting that blogging is giving specialist journalists a more powerful voice when their mainstream colleagues bulldozer their way into their areas of expertise.

Random Use of CAPITALS

Random linguistic psychology thought of the day:

Why do some people randomly capitalise technology-related words they aren’t very familiar with. Some examples include MAC for Apple’s Mac computers and, pretty frequently, BLOG, from new bloggers.

It’s common enough that there must be a root behind it somewhere.

Ha! How often do you get to type something like that?

MT4: The Basics Are Here

Well, after an hour or so’s fiddling around, all seems well.

You should be seeing something like this:

This Blog in MT4Obviously, there’s still quite a bit missing. Most of the widgets aren’t on the page right now, and the blogroll won’t reappear until MT-Blogroll is upgraded for MT4.

But for now, I’m pleased. Having a lovely WYSIWYG editor in MT is just a delight.