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Bloggers & PRs: Old Dance, New Partner

Over on Workbench, Rogers Caldenhead suggest that the most popular techbloggers are starting to tread a very well-trod path: that of the exclusive and the embargo, as the news sites cut deals with PRs. This is interesting, I think, because tech blogs tend to be a good bellwether for the rest of the blogging worth. Where they go, other blogging niches will follow in time. 

For all the hype about blogging being something new entirely, some of the most popular blogs out there right now are doing pretty much what journalism has always done, just filtered through a new publishing medium. 

Not a Hardcore Blogger

Lemsip Adam

I am not a hardcore blogger.

How do I know this? I’ve been down with a cold since Monday and, as such, I’ve not bothered to post anything at all here.

If I were hardcore, I’d be blogging my way through my sickness, like Mr Butcher. But I’m not. I’m a wimpy blogger, and I’ve been devoting my writing time to whining on twitter instead…

Anyway, thanks to the wonders of modern medication, I’m starting to feel human again, and thus will grace you again with my bloggy thoughts.

Tony Collins: Award-Winning Digital Journalist

Tony Collins at work
One of our blogging journalists, Tony Collins, has bagged the digital journalist award in the Magazine Journalism Awards, for his work exposing the failure, mismanagement and waste of the NHS IT project. According to the judges: “More of us should read this. Staggering sums are wasted on badly managed IT projects, and Tony is usually the first to know.”

Nice work, Tony.

HJi Eye Candy

HJi  Gorgeous 1 Gorgeous54 Gorgeous68.jpg

Last weekend was the annual Salon International exhibition (I was there last year), and the HJi team from RBI were there, grabbing photos of the beautiful people wandering the stands and shows. Kate, HJi’s web editor, has now uploaded 20(!) galleries of people from the show, so there’s plenty of eye candy in there for people of all tastes…

You can start at the first of the beautiful people galleries.

(Incidentally, they also launched a forum for hairdressers, My HJi, last week)