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A Very Happy New Year!

But I couldn't let 2007, the first year where my working life has been largely centred around blogging, pass without one last post.

...Having a place where I can express ideas, discuss them and, yes, have them challenged is invaluable to me, especially as I try to communicate those ideas to other journalists.

... In the meantime, you can catch me guest posting on Deep Muck Big Rake and experimenting with a more essayist style of blogging over on Coffee & Complexity.

... In the meantime, a very Happy Hogmanay and a Fantastic New Year to everyone who has shared the last year's journey with me here on this blog.

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Le Web 3 Lost Posts 3: The Dark Side of the Web

Jaewoong Lee of Daum Communications pointed out that there are 14m Koreans using internet. 99% of young people use it for more than an hour a day.

... Michel Jaccard , the sole representative of the legal profession on the panel, proceeded to scare everyone a little by suggesting that it has been historically difficult to target people aggressive online.

...If sites start building a reputation around a user, and their past actions are trackable, you start creating the same atmosphere of social consequence around online activity as you do in off-line relationship. This is another positive consequence of the shift towards adding social networking tools around all content on the web (and the attempts to make this information portable using tools like OpenID).Laurant Haug

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Le Web 3 Missing Posts 1: 11 Thoughts from Doc Searls

Doc Searls gave what turned into a rapid fire presentation about 11 ideas he had about the future of the web.

... Herding people into walled gardens and guessing about what makes them social will seem absurd - and it already is

We'll realize that the most valuable producers are what used to be called consumers

... What's your business model will no longer be asked of everything - not everything is a business, something is just useful.

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