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An interesting couple of days in blogging technology:

I’ve got back into Seesmic now I have a webcam for my work PC. However, my presentation skills aren’t always what they should be:

The service has been revamped somewhat since I last had a play, and the new view which compiles replies in the timeline makes it much easier to pick up interesting new conversations than it was before. It gets ever more interesting, for a service in Alpha.

HJI makes an FHM appealWe only deal with the most classy, stimulating business content here at RBI blogging HQ.

From my lofty desk, overlooking stunning Sutton, glistening cosmopolitan metropolis of Surrey, I cast a careful eye over the blogging think meats we distribute through our official magazine blogs.

And what could please me more that the discovery that Hairdressers’ Journal is helping find sexy hairdressers for a FHM photoshoot?

See? Quality journalism.