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PSFK suggest that this marks a big retreat from advertising and a failure to get magazines online:

The story could suggest two things: an Adsense-fueled digital era has
made old fashioned print ads irrelevant and therefore broken the
business model for many magazines – and meanwhile those magazines have
failed to realize the potential of migrating their business properly to
the web.

Content Matters highlights the same advertising downturn angle:

on the conference call, Reed CEO Crispin Davis indicated that the
Company is looking to protect itself from an expected advertising
downfall as we move towards a recession.

And Media Wire Daily is clearly unexcited by the “dump magazines, get risk information” idea:

Reed Elsevier is unloading its Business Information unit in what some
see as a bail out of dealing with an ad recession. The company is
trading up publishing business information titles for ChoicePoint, a
risk management information provider. Yawn!

And now, I’m going home for a stiff drink…

RBI logoWell, a rather interesting mood in the office this morning.

As Press Gazette is reporting, Reed Business Information is officially for sale. We no longer fit with Reed Elsevier’s business model. So, RBI is for sale.

Quite what this means in the long term? No idea. For now, it’s business as usual…

Update: One of my colleagues from Flight has posted about the news on Unusual Attitude.

Update 2: Another colleague describes how she discovered the news:

A bright crisp dawn was breaking as I took my seat on the early London
train today to catch the opening of the ICIS Base Oils conference,
switched on my Blackberry and read that our parent company was selling
us off.

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