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B2B Blog Traffic versus Nationals Blog Traffic

I’ve always assumed that, by nature of being from niche B2B titles, our blogs were significantly less popular than those from national newspapers. And then I saw a story on journalism.co.uk reporting on The Times’ blogs and their traffic figures. Here’s the graph:

Times Blogs StatsBased on those figures, and comparing month-for-month, our best blogs would sit comfortably amongst the middle of them.

I feel much better now. 

Budapest in the late 90s

Budapest from the hills

One of the consequences of my Mum's death is that I'm having to sort through all my junk I had stored at her place. In one box, I found 3 old APS films that I shot in the late 90s. I sent them for scanning at Photo Express, and the results dropped on my desk this morning. Amongst the images were a small selection of shots from my first trip to Budapest, in late 1999. I was there to report on the emerging commercial property market for Europroperty.

I returned some years later, and you can see the results elsewhere on this blog, but, while the later pictures are objectively better, I kinda like the colourful simplicity of the earlier ones. It does catch the mood of the city at the time, as you can see in the next shot:

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What is the role of MSM blogs?

I read a blog post by The Telegraph's Shane Richmond a couple of days ago that has been bugging me ever since. Not because I disagree with it, because on the whole I think he's right. It's just that something seemed "off" about it. Shane suggest that mainstream media blogs might have a role to play in promoting middle-ranking bloggers:

The conclusion is this: perhaps MSM blogs, often seen as the cuckoo in
the nest by those who are going it alone, have a role to play here.
Perhaps our position gives us the opportunity, maybe even the
responsibility, to help drive more "non-crazies" into the top tier of
the blogosphere.

And this bothered me for a few days. Yes, I do think it's a key role of journalist bloggers to link to the best of the community around them, and to encourage the growth of individual bloggers. But there seems to be an underlying assumption in Shane's piece that MSM bloggers have an inherent power that they can use for bloggy good. And my experience is that they don't have that power. They have to earn it like everyone else in the blogging world. A well-known name of brand is good for getting a first look, but that's all. It's the quality of what you produce that gives you power, be you MSM or amateur. 

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