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Two Ways To Save Newspapers

Two things you should really look at today:

Steve Jackson, more widely known as ourman, has written a great post rethinking the way that newspapers should be run.

And, as highlighted by Martin, and originally produced by a German site, this video of Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger talking about journalism is thought-provoking viewing. The really juicy stuff starts about 1:53 in:

Alan Rusbridger on the Future of Journalism from Carta on Vimeo.

Thanks to my RBI Guest Bloggers

I’ve had one of those roller-coaster ride first day back at work sort of days. We are most certainly in a time of rapid change…

However, I can’t let the day pass without saying a big thank you to my guest bloggers while I was away:

  1. James Clark of the Road Transport group who gave us his CMS wishlist
  2. Martin Couzins of Travel Weekly who talked about the blurring of journalists’ career paths
  3. Paul Norman of EGi gave us an insight into a major title just starting to adapt to the social media age.
  4. Tim Relf of Farmers Weekly explained that journalists are becoming their own brand.
  5. Stuart Clarke of Flight Global suggested that community is king.

There’s some really good thoughts in their posts, and it gives me real hope for B2B journalism coming through this storm and out the other side as something more vibrant and exciting than it has ever been.

links for 2009-04-27

Jeff Jarvis: Advice for specialist journalists

Joanna Geary posted this on her blog a month back, but I’ve only just found it in my feedreader. It’s worth reposting:

Jeff Jarvis at SXSW: Advice to UK regional journalists from Joanna Geary on Vimeo.

Jeff Jarvis – associate professor at City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism, Guardian columnist and author of Buzzmachine.com – speaking at SXSWi 09.
Jeff suggests that journalists need to establish personal connections to an audience in order to survive the current industry turmoil.

The Power of the National Press

Site Over-loaded

I typed in a link from an article in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph that my wife showed me. The above the result.
Interesting to see that the national papers in the UK still have the power to bring down the odd website, even from the product pages of the property section…
(The link was to a company called Vivid Green, who make bespoke outdoor offices. I envy Piers his Norfolk social media shed, and aspire to my own once Lorna & I find our new home…)

1000 Followers on Twitter

1000 followers on Twitter

Going on holiday is a good move, it appears. Traffic on OM&HB is up, RSS subs are up and I’ve just hit 1,000 followers on Twitter.
I’m only following about half of the people who follow me – and 500 is about my ceiling. Twitter has evolved for me from something I only use to communicate with a small circle of friends, to something I use to monitor sentiment and activity amongst a whole load of people who work in similar fields to me.
And, interestingly, it has become my main internet presence, which significant amounts of traffic coming from it back to this (and other) blogs. I suspect we’re only just seeing the potential of these real-time, flow applications to change how we publish.