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Devolving Ownership for Better Blogging

Goo on my screen

A couple of conversations I've had recently have brought forth a revelation in my holiday-deprived brain. One of the big challenges for media organisations looking to get good journalistic blogging going is ownership.

Now, I'm not talking ownership in the traditional "who owns the copyright" sense - because in most cases it's pretty clear that the employer does. I'm talking about the feeling that most good bloggers I know have that the blog is theirs - their space, hosted by them.

Certainly we've found that group blogs rarely work, unless the team has a close-knit identity and a clue about blogging already (and I must acknowledge the recent work of Stacey and her team in disproving my previous mantra that group blogs don't work at RBI). And, in contrast, bloggers who feel a strong sense of ownership of their blog, and shape it with their own personality and enthusiasm reap the traffic and engagement rewards for the company.

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links for 2009-06-30

The QH Evacuees

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Touch-to-focus on the iPhone 3GS

I was up in Suffolk briefly at the weekend, and took the opportunity to grab some photos with my new iPhone. The church offered some good opportunities to test the selective focus/exposure on the latest model. For instance, this photo was focused on the carving:

St Andrews, Bramfield (head focus)And this one on the window itself:

St Andrews, Bramfield (window focus)I think touch to focus is the single most impressive feature of the iPhone 3GS. It’s a beautifully simple way of giving you focus and exposure control without introducing a host of buttons and menus. And in terms of grabbing photos quickly in the field, it’s exceptionally easy and intuative.

The camera’s low light performance still won’t win any awards, and 3 megapixels is low by most standards, but for quick, easy fodder for online reporting, it’s pretty darn handy. 

The London 2012 Site by iPhone 3GS

Here’s the Olympics site in east London, as shot from a train on the new iPhone 3GS:

The Olympics Site, Stratford from Adam Tinworth on Vimeo.

Quite impressive, for a phone. If I had a Flip Mino rather than a Flip Mino HD, it would be right to feel rather threatened right now.

(Anyone interested in the Olympics site might find this blog an interesting read.)

Print: Still Good For Train Trips

image1701243177.jpgI hardly ever buy a daily paper these days, but I still have something of a weekend paper habit. And, even with my brand-new iPhone 3gs to play with, I grabbed a paper and have been devouring it on my journey from Halesworth to London.

I’m finding it hard to articulate quite why, possibly because it’s an emotional and tactile decision as much as a rational one. The weekend papers evoke the lazy, quiet Sundays of my youth, and the big pages and big pictures are somehow more engrossing than the iPhone screen.

But is this just nostalgia, a transitory state only inhabited by those of us old enough to have grown up in the pre-Internet age?

The Times vrs NightJack: Destroying Journalists’ Reputation

And so, e-mails and tweets arrive asking what I think of the exposure of anonymous police blogger NightJack by The Times. I think you should probably read the couple of compilations of links that Judith has done on journalism.co.uk and her own blog. And I think you should probably read what another anonymous police blogger, PC Bloggs says about it. And you should remember that The Times has form here.

But if you want to know what I, personally, think, here it is:

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