Weekend Coffee Reading

Lurking around in my browser tabs:

  • On Makers and Managers – good look at the tension between these two roles that should be familiar to most people in journalism
  • The Death of Tag Clouds – this has been creating some debate internally at RBI. I still like ’em, but I never thought they were a navigation tool, just a visual means of displaying the “aboutness” of the site.
  • Why Tumblr is Kicking Posterous’ Ass – insightful post on the difference between an engineered website and a designed one.
  • Jeff Jarvis’s Cockeyed Economics – some good economic theory around paid content in here
  • The Value of Blogging – anyone familiar with my job title knows that I’m contractually obligated to value blogging as a journalistic endeavour – but this post enumerates some of the reasons well.
  • Posterous, the iPhone and Microjournalism – great account of using the iPhone and Posterous to report from abroad using a mobile device. 
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  • For me, tag clouds have always been the triumph of style over substance, and not being particularly stylish myself I never warmed to them.

    I might be sticking my neck out a bit when I say this, but the current fascination with infographics seems to fall into the same camp. A lot of them are very pretty and clever without being easy to read or useful. (Of course, they can be all four.)