• I’m actually looking to buy a D700 with a 24-70 f/2.8 lense. Trying to nab the both of them for about £2,000 used, but it’s a tall order given the sporadicity of the market. Might just settle for £2.2k and get the body and glass before the summer is out. Obviously need to buy the usual accessories plus a DSLR backpack, but it’s been a long time coming.

    Handled a D700 in a shop local to me this morning…lovely piece of kit but quite cryptic to my uninitiated self. Hauling my antiquated arse into photographing modernity will take awhile.

    It’s nice that even a budget model can perform well at video – that’s handy, although I’ve not even begun to get my head around all the bells, whistles and otherwise arcane stuff bundled in with the Nikon I’m to buy.

    -Pete @ dirtygarnet.com

  • DSLRs are getting better and better at shooting video these days. I shoot with a hacked Lumix GH1 (I know, not a true DSLR), and the results are often stunning. Its their sensor size, glass and crazy high bitrates.

    But because they all contain CMOS based sensors, there’s the nasty problem of rolling shutter. This can be eliminated by shooting static shots, preferably off of a tripod, and avoiding fast pans and other movements. You seem to already obey these good filming habits.

    I liked your day at the beach video!