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Wanted: New Challenges

Yesterday, I returned from my best holiday in years, refreshed, revitalised and ready for the challenges ahead. Our blog platform needed revamping, there was a ton of mobile strategy work to be done, we needed to brainstorm easy win funnel content for one of our magazines, we needed to press on with our new comments system…

…and the company politely informed me that I wouldn’t be doing any of this, and, indeed, my employment would most likely be coming to an end. The normal discussions are underway as to possible alternative roles, but the chances are that sometime soon I’ll be looking for new employment. I won’t deny that I’m sad about this – the last five years have been the happiest of my working life. But times change, things move on, and in a sense, I predicted my own redundancy. I’ve long argued that one of the things that publishing businesses need to do to stay competitive in the new era was reduce the burden of central costs. Somehow, I never quite saw myself as one of those burdens, until I was reduced… 😉

I hope that new opportunities will open up for me. I’m one of a limited pool of people with half a decade’s experience in transforming content businesses, through a mix of technology, training, mentoring and outright evangelism, and I’m confident there’s someone out there who will find those skills useful.

So, if you need someone with any of these skills:

  • 10 years’ experience of blogging
  • 5 years’ experience of training journalists and industry figures in all forms of social media and digital journalism
  • Extensive work on content strategies, especially the role of journalism and social media in funnel marketing
  • General publishing strategy
  • Online profile building
  • Particularly skilled in liveblogging
  • Recent deep work on mobile strategies and propositions
  • Editorial technology research, acquisition and deployment

…feel free to drop me a line on [email protected]inworth.org

I’m refreshed, revitalised and ready to bring my skills to bear on new projects…

Google+ Pages: the other +shoe drops

Google+ Page

Social media brand ninja guru wom marketers everywhere are rejoicing in a slightly lacklustre way today, as Google+ introduces Pages for businesses and brands, allowing the corporate world to join in on the Google+ fun. Of course, it remains to be seen if Google+ gets enough mainstream traction to be worth the time and effort you would need to build a brand presence there. Google remains heavily invested in the product, integrating it into both its main search product and Google News.

And as part of the launch, we now discover why Google removed the + operator from its search:

Google+ Direct Connect lets you quickly navigate to a Google+ page (and even add that page to your circles) when using Google Search. For example, if you searched for the query ‘+youtube’ or ‘+pepsi,’ you could be immediately taken to the YouTube Google+ page, or the Pepsi Google+ page, and given the option to add the page to your circles.

I’ve set up a page for this humble old blog, and you can Circle it, if you like, by clicking on the very, very red button below: