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Gaming vlogger PewDiePie is teaming with Disney to launch a new network

Further evidence that the YouTube celebrity phenomenon is rapidly growing in a parallel media industry, that is then cross-breeding with traditional media:

PewDiePie Power

After racking up over 10 billion views and more than 41 million subscribers on YouTube, internet sensation PewDiePie is kicking things up a notch with the launch of his own video network, Revelmode.

The comedic gaming vlogger is partnering with Disney’s Maker Studios to produce Revelmode content, along with a bunch of other YouTube stars

I doubt this will be the last such move.

  • Interesting to see the future for young creators banking on “modern” web-based platforms (i.e. Away from traditional media)
    Absolutely unrelated but, he’s based in Brighton, actually! 🙂

    • You can take the man out of Brighton, Tibz, but…

      Admit it; you miss it. 🙂

      • Ha ! I do miss certain aspects of living in Brighton 🙂 but there are some things I don’t miss too 😛 lyou win some you lose some!”