Still blogging, 14 years later

It’s my blog anniversary (blogiversary?) and today, this blog is…


Yes, fourteen years old. Terrifying. 14 years since I published this drivel. I’m one of the longest-running bloggers I know of now, just through sheer bloody perseverance. Once you get past the decade, it’s hard to see exactly what would stop me, short of serious illness or death. I’ve now been blogging here longer than I’ve lived in a single house. The blog is older than my marriage – if only by a few months. It’s certainly a lot older than the work I do now – but it might be responsible for it.

I’m not quite sure why I feel the need to make this a part of my week pretty much every – but I do.

So, here’s to 14 years of bloody-mindedly writing for internet. I’ll probably carry on doing it for years to come. Don’t moan. Nobody’s forcing you to read…

14 image by Deb Etheredge, and used under a Creative Commons licence

  • joha

    Much appreciated!

  • Congrats Adam. Good that you’ve kept going

  • Beth McCabe

    Good for you. 🙂 I actually ran across a wayback version of the blog post I wrote after you first came to my attention as a critic of an American London cityblogger (does that sentence even parse?). How glad I am that we got past that moment (I was very offended) and became friends. Congratulations on your blogiversary! Who knew you’d make a career out of it way back then? Here’s to 14 more years!