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Why Americans are fat

All you can eat

I hear much talk about the obesity problem in the US and what can be done about it. If nothing else, the reasons are obvious:

  1. Huge food portions
  2. Driving everywhere

We’ve done what we can to work around the first problem. We’ll buy a single sub between two or three of us, for example, and only have one course for dinner. The latter is so much more difficult to deal with. Mum and I tried to hop from a mall to the Borders next door on foot, and nearly died in the attempt. Driving in Fort Lauderdale is a real pleasure, and I’ll write more about that later, but the same superb road design that makes it fun makes walking all but impossible.

25 lengths of the pool a day for me, minimum.

Guess what’s in the corner?

The sudden flurry of entries is due to me discovering a WiFi hotspot in the corner of my hotel room. I’m guessing that someone in the neighbouring condo has an unprotected base station. Thanks to this generosity, you should see more frequent updates.