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It’s a beautiful sunny day, I’m full of cold and I’m distracting myself by reading commentary on NEXT 13 for my work on the conference blog. The talk that seems to have had the most impact – despite being the shortest – was Bruce Sterling’s. It was noticable for both its joy in the possibilities of the future and its skepticism about so much of the way it’s structured right now.

Worth a watch, if you have 15 minutes this lunchtime:

The crowd at NEXT Berlin 2012

Ah, I love NEXT. Unlike many tech-based conferences, which are very rooted in the now, they have a remarkable knack of looking about two years into the future, and giving you a sense of what the world might look like then. I’ve been working with them since January, and it’s one of the pieces of work I enjoy the most. Here’s all the liveblogging I did for them earlier in the month:
Day One
Day Two
Videos of all the sessions are flowing onto the site now. Loads of juicy brain food for you there!
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Neat idea for attracting attention at a conference. I was steaming out of a conference session, in search of a coffee to sustain me for more liveblogging, when I came across this sight:
Sleeping bag
Uh, what the heck? OK, I stopped to take a photo, and while I was doing so, someone else walked up and asked her what she was doing:
Marketing from a sleeping bag.
And the story became clear. She’s marketing for deskwanted, a site to allow people to find a better place to work than their beds. Or their sleeping bags.
Clever, attention grabbing and in line with the core idea of the site. And nicely targeted to the start-up and independent working crowd here… 

NEXT Berlin official bloggerBerlin. Possibly the throbbing heart of continental Europe’s digital scene. Certainly the scene of one of my most over-written opening paragraphs in years. But then, what else can a city like this stimulate in you? One of the opening parties last night featured a woman dressed as a peacock. That’s all you need to know.

Oh, perhaps you also need to know that I’m here for NEXT Berlin, the annually digital conference that I enjoyed so much last year. And, like last year, I’ll be liveblogging it. Unlike last year, I won’t be liveblogging it here – I’ll be posting on the official NEXT Blog, which I’ve been running since January…

Not quite sure what will be appearing here – probably some analysis, random photography. And possibly peacock ladies:

Peacock lady in Berlin