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As trailed a while back, Instagram has now added the ability to upload multiple images or videos to a single post:

It’s an interesting move, as it shifts the service even further from her it started. In the beginning it was an image sharing app, that tended to focus on people creating “arty” effects via the inbuilt filters. That faded somewhat as the filters were toned down, but it still remained a crafted photo-centric service. But the net effect of this and the rapid growth of Instagram Stories has turned it into a general purpose visual communication and relationship maintenance tool.

Still, might make some verification work easier. One image is much easier to fake than 10.

Quartz continues to power ahead

In an internal memo that Fortune managed to get hold of, publisher Jay Lauf said the site’s traffic rose by 65% in December to almost 17 million unique visitors, more than The Economist or the Financial Times.

Wile it’s worth bearing in mind that the uniques of both of those venerable titles are constrained by paywalls – that’s still remarkable growth from the digital upstart.

It’s gonna be a tough year for magazines, says a McKinsey report

Magazine’s failure to build complementary digital products is hurting them badly…

In fact, according to a new report from global consulting firm McKinsey, every category of media—from cinema to educational publishing to video games—should see an increase in consumer spending in the next few years.
Every category, that is, except magazines.

In many cases, their room to innovate in digital has been reduced by the number of pure digital players eating their lunch. It’s a tough picture: but is it the endgame?

Pretty much since I started teaching at City, I’ve ended up bantering with my students on Twitter. Here’s some examples:

Sometimes they just want brownie points

When you’re tagged on Twitter just so the student earns praise…

There’s only one possible response

Snape FTW

And sometimes they just want feedback

And that’s completely fair.

They said:

Tonight’s panel discussion will examine the political landscape of the historically conflict-ridden cities of Belfast and Jerusalem, with guest speakers Dr Wendy Pullan from the University of Cambridge and Professor Liam O’Dowd from Queen’s University Belfast.

The full liveblog is worth checking out.

Vertical video

Maybe I am finally getting old, but this change depresses me:

According to several app makers and media companies, many of the world’s video consumers don’t seem to think vertical videos are wrong — in fact, a lot of us prefer them. There is a simple explanation for the dawning preference. According to the venture capitalist Mary Meeker, we now collectively spend about 30 percent of our screen time with devices that are best held vertically, like smartphones and tablets. That time spent is growing quickly, and on tall screens, vertical videos simply look and work better than those shot “correctly.”

Yes, vertical video maybe actually be in the ascendency.

One last time, let’s enjoy this before it becomes irrelevant:

I’ve had the odd problem at LeWeb before – like getting stranded at the venue, with little choice but to walk back to my hotel. Yesterday, this happened:

Lonely heel seeks shoes

I was perturbed, to say the least. I was hoping the rest of the shoe would hold together long enough for me to get to the shops and acquire a new pair. Obviously, I tweeted about this tragedy:

LeWeb has a concierge? Who knew? Well, clearly the social media team. Probably the VIPs as well. But I’d never encountered him before. Still, it was worth a try, surely? I e-mailed, and then called after a prompt from LeWeb on Twitter, and a charming French chap turned up – and took my shoe away. And that left me like this:

My sock, unleashed upon the world

Now, I was really nervous. I had visions of myself hopping to the Metro, hopping through the streets of Paris, suffering gallic disdain for my strange British ways. But no, he came back. And my shoes were fixed:


I think I can safely say I’ve never been so glad to see a Frenchman in my life. So, three cheers for the LeWeb concierge. He heeled me:

Le Web's concierge.