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The Architecture of Social Spaces

Fascinating reading from Robin Hamman:

In my post yesterday on using technology and social business strategies to blur the boundaries between inside and outside the business I noted that some of these ideas aren’t dissimilar to techniques used by architects to do similar things with internal and external spaces.

I spent quite a while talking to space planners and architects who worked in this sphere back in my GRID editing days. I’ve been reminded more than once of their thought processes as I investigate out own community building efforts,
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#TEDxTuttle : The Future of Buildings

Rachel ArmstrongRachel Armstrong is talking about the future of architecture

She likes architecture because of its scale - it's the biggest things we make. And it's the footprint we leave behind. Architecture has always been a technology. The materials we chose in architecture have been there to wall out nature. This creates belligerent architectures that oppose nature.
Buildings are 40% of our carbon footprint, and are still largely built using Victorian techniques. Sustainable architectures needs to be connected to the natural world. Living systems are in constant conversation with the rest of the world through the chemical processes of metabolisms. Imagine if the surfaces of our buildings have metabolic functions - how much difference could that make to the environment?
Low tech biotech: different from most biotech, which is expensive technology created in sterile laboratories. We don't know what all bacteria in urban landscapes actually do - which of them are actually beneficial? Could bioluminescent bacteria be used to light parts of the cities?

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Heading to be2camp Brum


Those of you who remember my days as a property journalist (and indeed, when this blog was substantially about the built environment) might be interested to know that I’m off to Be2camp Brum the week after next.

Be2camp is a series of unconference-style events focusing on the use of social web technologies in the built environment. And given that those are two of my passions, I’m looking forward to it hugely.

Tall Buildings and Popular IT Posts

Ah, dear. Nearly 7pm on a Friday evening and I’m still in the office. I really must get around to acquiring a life. However, I have just come across a couple of interesting bits in our blogs that I wanted to share with you.

Those of you who enjoyed this blog’s days commenting on architecture (and, frankly, I’m thinking of you, Brian), will enjoy Contract Journal‘s Construction Projects World. Mark is posting loads of great images, like this one:

Hong Kong SkylineAnd James Garner, the web editor of Computer Weekly, has posted a list of the top 10 most popular posts on the IT mag’s stable of blogs. It’s no surprise to me that cheap technology and IT security issues top the list…


Ego in Architecture

Fowey from Polruan, originally uploaded by Adam Tinworth.

You see that odd little piece of architecture on the building to the left of the church?

It was built solely so that the house would be taller than he church, after a dispute between the owner and the vicar…

I’m sticking more photos from my Cornwall holiday up on Coffee & Complexity, my new general interest blog.