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A Few Slightly Geeky Journo Links

Time for some links:

  • One of the most consistent themes I hear when talking to journalists around the country is frustration with the web publishing CMS they have to deal with (especially if they’ve ever used any blog platform). In that light, this post about the BBC’s new web CMS makes for fascinating reading, both through what they’re doing and through the fact they blogged about it publically. I suspect that a culture that allows such blogging is laikely to produce a better piece of kit…
  • Another trend I see amongst some journalists is an almost obsessive pride in not understanding technology. Kevin makes an interesting case for a more data-centric view of journalism that should give pause to such folks.
  • Martin’s look at how well (or more often, not) digital coverage of the World Cup has survived down the years is thought-provoking. There’s a surprising amount of value in them there archives…
  • And Nature’s using OpenSocial. I’m very interested in this, and you’re probably not, but it’s my blog so “nyah”.

From the 90s

A Gig At QMW circa 1992, originally uploaded by Adam Tinworth.

I’ve recently acquired a new scanner, which can handle film and negative scanning. This is a direct scan from some black & white negatives taken while I was at university at the early 90s.

It was shot on Ilford HP5 Film. I haven’t been able to identify the band yet.

Expect quite a few images like this over the weekend…

More from the archive

Roy Tinworth, workingHere’s another picture of my Dad from my Grandma’s collection.

I love this one, because it’s so redolent of another bygone age of Britain. My father, a fresh-faced young man, newly employed by a paper company, looks very proper and gentlemanly. A blotter, as ubiquitous then as a computer is now, sits on his desk, ready for work. I can easily imagine an older gentleman, with a well-trimmed grey moustache and a pinstripe suit wandering in and saying “Ah, there you are, young Tinworth. Have you got the paperwork for the Moulton sale, yet?”

Just look at Dad’s grooming. The immaculately combed hair. The handkerchief carefully placed in the suit pocket. The clean, white shirt. Pity he spoiled it with too small a knot on his tie, which is pulling it slightly out of line. Still, my father was a bit of a dandy in his day and no mistake.