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Morning Coffee Reading – 5th Jan 2010

Here’s what’s caught my eye today:

Entitlement, Page Views and Content Atomisation

It started with a tweet:

Tweet on Journalistic Entitlement

And soon it spiralled into quite a discussion on Twitter and even a blog post on Strange Attractor. I don't have a lot to add to what Kevin says there (but I do recommend that you go take a peek), other than to recount how I came to tweet that in the first place. I'd overheard a conversation between colleagues, wherein one was expressing surprise that nobody had responded to their first forum posting.

And I come across this a lot. Journalists are genuinely surprised when their new blog or newly-launched forum aren't instantly innundated with hordes of readers. In fact, I remember a Daily Telegraph political reporter expressing this very shock at an event Shane Richmond hosted a couple of years back.

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