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Exaro going editor-free?

Exaro editor-in-chief Mark Watts, as quoted by The Guardian‘s Jasper Jackson:

It is true that Exaro is facing around a halving of its editorial budget, but how this will be carried out is not yet finalised. One element of the plan is to make the position of editor-in-chief redundant. The plan is for Exaro to have no editor.

Baffling, if true. An investigative site needs a central figure to vet and check everything – otherwise the lawyers are going to be very busy indeed, even with a team of two or three.

Apparently the Mirror has had enough of experimentation:

Sources close to the online team told BuzzFeed News that they believe Picton’s vision for The Mirror’s websites is based around the MailOnline model, so the current crop of brands do not fit with his plan.

Oh, goody. The world needs a new MailOnline imitator.

The consequences?

BuzzFeed News understands that 14 jobs across UsVsTh3m, Ampp3d, and Row Zed are at risk of redundancy after a 30-day consultancy period. All three brands will continue to publish content, but on a reduced basis.

Well, the good news is that there will be some decent digital journalists with skill in producing viral content hitting the market pretty shortly. I would put money on many of them following Malcolm Coles – who built the Mirror new formats team – to the Telegraph, if it wasn’t for the political difference that might be too much for some to bridge.

Start up your poaching engines, people…