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Twitter, News and Mob Journalism

The Trafigura story from last week has grown and grown, if only because of the follow-up, which I was too busy to blog about, in which Jan Moir's piece in the Daily Mail was savaged across Twitter to remarkable effect. (Possibly including huge page views for the newspaper's site, which may not have been the intention, but will be mitigated by the Mail being forced to pull ads from the pages, and the record number of complaints...)

And some good analysis is being done:

However, all three of these accounts are noticeable for the complete lack of a mention of the third big trending Twitter term of the week: #balloonboy. And that's an interesting one, because it's one where the Twiterati were largely as gullible as the mainstream media. While some raised dissenting voices, questioning how feasible it was for a balloon that size to lift a boy, most bought into to the hype spilling from mainstream media coverage, making everyone look rather stupid when it was revealed as a hoax.

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