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A Change of Scenery

My New DeskI have a new view.

And that’s because my job has changed a little. While I’m still overseeing the whole of RBI’s blogging, I’m now spending a significant chunk of my time with one of its titles in particular – Estates Gazette.

Yes, in one of those twists of irony, I’ve been seconded back to the title I was seconded from in the first place. So, today has been a busy one, catching up with old friends, meeting new colleagues and frantically lining up the virtual ducks for a couple of launches due tomorrow.

But no doubt you’ll hear all about that both here and on EGi: Behind the Screen, where I’ll be blogging about what we’re doing as we do it.

Change. I love it.

More from the archive

Roy Tinworth, workingHere’s another picture of my Dad from my Grandma’s collection.

I love this one, because it’s so redolent of another bygone age of Britain. My father, a fresh-faced young man, newly employed by a paper company, looks very proper and gentlemanly. A blotter, as ubiquitous then as a computer is now, sits on his desk, ready for work. I can easily imagine an older gentleman, with a well-trimmed grey moustache and a pinstripe suit wandering in and saying “Ah, there you are, young Tinworth. Have you got the paperwork for the Moulton sale, yet?”

Just look at Dad’s grooming. The immaculately combed hair. The handkerchief carefully placed in the suit pocket. The clean, white shirt. Pity he spoiled it with too small a knot on his tie, which is pulling it slightly out of line. Still, my father was a bit of a dandy in his day and no mistake.