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#TEDxTuttle : The Future of Buildings

Rachel ArmstrongRachel Armstrong is talking about the future of architecture

She likes architecture because of its scale - it's the biggest things we make. And it's the footprint we leave behind. Architecture has always been a technology. The materials we chose in architecture have been there to wall out nature. This creates belligerent architectures that oppose nature.
Buildings are 40% of our carbon footprint, and are still largely built using Victorian techniques. Sustainable architectures needs to be connected to the natural world. Living systems are in constant conversation with the rest of the world through the chemical processes of metabolisms. Imagine if the surfaces of our buildings have metabolic functions - how much difference could that make to the environment?
Low tech biotech: different from most biotech, which is expensive technology created in sterile laboratories. We don't know what all bacteria in urban landscapes actually do - which of them are actually beneficial? Could bioluminescent bacteria be used to light parts of the cities?

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Can’t See The Wood For The Magazines

A conversation in the office this afternoon between Karl and Maarten, who was visiting from Belgium, centred on the number of magazines my employer publishes. He’d seen the rather large collection of these you can see on the wall in our office.

“Yup, we’re killing the trees,” said Karl.

Given the news earlier in the week that deforestation is responsible for more global warming than air travel, I can’t help wondering whether the slow death of the published magazine at the hands of the internet might not be a good thing, at least in terms of the environment.

Or is the production of all the technology and energy needed to sustain an online communications infrastructure more damaging than print publishing ever was?