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Influential or just noisy?

Given that I spent most of social media week hammering at the keyboard of my MacBook, bashing out liveblogs for the good people at Like Minds, I’m faintly surprised to discover that I was, in fact, one of the top 30 most influential tweeters during the event. This, at least, was the verdict of the Brass Agency, who were doing all sorts of clever social media monitoring and analysing things during the week. 

Here’s how they’ve showed the relationships amongst the top 30 (I’m at about 7 o’clock):
And here’s how they explain it:
In the spirograph [above], each bar is an individual person or organisation’s unique twitter handle. Bar height represents ‘influence’ (as calculated by the factors mentioned above) and the lines between the people represent who is following who (blue to pink indicates the direction of the link).
These sort of tools are clearly in their infancy, and separating the wheat from the chaff (or the influential from the plain noisy) is still a challenge – but it’s still interesting. The blue /pink division give you a visual indication of where people who are isolated from the main “bubble of influence” which is a quick way of starting to judge where the outliers – and thus the potential connectors between spheres of influence – are. And that’s worth publishing, I think. 
That, and I’m easily flattered into publishing graphics. 😉

Who wields influence amongst UK online journalists?

Well. I’m back from my break in France, and feeling relaxed, refreshed and recharged. There’s much blogging I want to do, but I’ve been flat out with strategy and training and liaison and other exciting work things since I returned. My diary opens up a bit from tomorrow, so expect a bit more posting then.

In the meantime, my ego, pesky little thing that it is, won’t let me getting away without linking to this list of the UK’s most influential online journalists. At the moment I’m 18th, and probably the 2nd most influential B2B journalist after Patrick Smith:
If you fancy helping demote me, they’re looking for suggestions for 50 more people to add to the list.

#media140 – Dataeconomy – New Opportunities, New Business Models

Andrew Lyons

Andrew Lyons – Ultraknowledge

The dataeconomy is about turning information into a usable asset – and an engaging experience. So, there’s a reason to develop new business models. Lyons invested £100 in a quiz at the beginning (the money was the rewards) – he might get contacts, a drink, anything out of it at the end – but he’s trying something new.

He’s showing off his Twitterwall product, which draws out user icons, tweets and stats. Which came up with a 404. Oops. OK – working again. Lots of data sifting about the people who have tweeted with the #media140 hashtag – can this be used to identify the most influential people at the events? The product can build a relationship wheel to show you who is connected to whom amongst a Twitter community – and its being demonstrated with my relationships… gulp

They also work with publishers. They have archives – but now they need to think about how to wrap it up in new visual stimulus. They can create news walls for every sub-section of a publisher’s website. They content’s already there – they’re just giving a new, enticing interface. Here’s an example. You can search visually for things you’re interested in. It’s more of a discovery engine than a search one, perhaps – it’s about finding things you don’t know you might be interested in.