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Le Web: My Liveblogging Kit

Liveblogging Kit

So, I’m in Paris, settled in my hotel room, and ready to go. Here’s the key kit I’ll be taking with me to Le Web this year:
  • MacBook (left): My trusty laptop, which has been my workhorse for closing in on three years. Despite the leaps in what phones can do, I still need it for the full keyboard and photo and video editing.
  • Kodak Zi8 and Flip Mino HD: Not one but two pocket HD video cameras. The Flip Mino is my traditional camera, but the Zi8 will probably see more action this conference as I’m testing it out.
  • iPhone. Web. E-mail. Photo. Video. Audio. The Le Web app. Essential tool for me these days
  • Fuji Z20fd: Snappy Fuji compact, for those moments when I don’t want to traipse the SLR around with me, but the iPhone won’t cut it. The most endangered part of this kit.
  • EOS 500D and 70-300 Zoom Lens – The bedrock of my conference photography. As past events have show, I can grab great pics from the stage by pushing the camera’s ISO high and shooting at the extreme end of the lens. 
And that’s what I’ll be carrying around for the next two days. Wish me luck…

An Experiment in Corporate IT

The Toshiba Laptop at Procter Street

I’m trying an experiment at work. For the last three or four years, I’ve always had my personal MacBook (or iBook before it) with me in the office, and have been able to turn to it when things got too difficult on my quasi-locked down work PC. But there’s a problem with that. It means I’m not using the same kit, with the same restrictions, as the people I need to train and evangalise to. So, for the next few weeks, I shall be using only the work laptop during the working week, unless I hit something I really, really need the Mac for.

With a bit of luck, this will allow me to find alternative solutions to recommend to our journlaists or point the way to changes we need to make in the IT kit we provide or allow. For example, I participate in a chatroom that recently moved from AIM to Jabber. And we don’t currently seem to have an approved Jabber chat client at work. So, for the time being I’m using the Meebo web-based IM service to work around that. Will it be a good long-term solution? I don’t know. But it’s interesting finding out.

Life With Open Laptops

The Washington Post has published an interesting article by a law professor about students attending classes with laptops open. It calls into question the idea that the younger generation are as able to multi-task and process as many information sources as we think they can.

Is he being reactionary, or is this going to be a genuine problem?

Ironically, I’m typing this in an internal meeting with my attention on 50% on the proceedings.

[Via a comment on Anil’s Vox.]