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Vimeo is selling you music for your videos

Well, this is really useful:

I was hunting for some music for a video project the other day, and struggled to find reasonably-priced selections of tracks to be used in that sort of context. Given the boom in popularity in online video in recent years, I was genuinely surprised there wasn’t something like the Vimeo Music Store. But now there is. Given that I’ve utterly exhausted the possibilities of the music that ships with iMovie, I suspect I’ll be digging into this store a fair amount.

#likeminds – Feedback on Steve Moore and Andrew Dubber

IMG_4990 - Version 2.jpg

Combined into one as it was done in one go:

  • Radiohead, Arcade Fire and OKGo are releasing the creativity into the wild and letting their fans curate it
  • Private enterprise needs to become more of a social enterprise, and thus be more sustainable
  • Sally doesn’t envy the archeologists of the future, given the amount of data we’re creating
  • Information overload is the problems – but it’s not buried. It’s there.
  • The Eden Project is going to start gathering people’s creations around the project
  • In order for curation to be strong in the future, we’re going to need a strong community around our brand, so they create material to curate.
  • The Big Society – it is doable, and it needs to be sold in as achievable.
  • Where are the quick wins? There are life hurdles to get over. What one thing could you do?
  • Gary said that the + in Creativity +Curation hasn’t been talked about…