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The Dangers of External Hosting

Shane Richmond has posted a description of the problems inherent in using an external hosting provider , providing something of a counter to my earlier post about the failings of self-hosting publishers .

In short, the company that the Telegraph worked with to build My Telegraph went under last year, and they've frantically been running around trying to bring it all in house.

... However, the good news buried in Shane's post is that James Higgis and others from the team that worked on the initial launch have launched a new company, called Resident Digital , and their blog is already proving interesting reading. I've subscribed and am reading with interest…

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48 Hours of My Telegraph

mytelegraphrude.pngSo, how are things going with My Telegraph? The site, which went quietly live back on Tuesday night, got a huge push this morning, with virtually the whole of page 2 of the dead tree edition devoted to the site, and how to create your own blog. And sure enough there was a sudden inrush of new bloggers, ready to throw their thoughts into the waiting Telegraph Blogosphere. Some were confident, some tentative, some downright rude (see right). The latter were swiftly weeded off the site through the day (although I imagine such idiots will get longer exposure if they post during the night). And some people are using swear words pretty gratuitously, while trashing good blogging guidelines in their first posts…

Still, less that 24 hours into the first public phase of the experiment, there are some interesting posts scrolling by, as well as the first signs of an emergent community around the site. Definitely showing promise.

Update: Head honcho Shane Richmond has posted his thought on the day’s proceedings.

Meanwhile The Blog Herald is busy embarrassing the blogging community by reporting than the already live site is coming soon. Whoops.

Your Blog On The Telegraph’s Site

Shane Richmond, while avoiding responding to Antony’s post mentioned earlier, has unveiled something rather special: My Telegraph.

And very interesting it looks too. As described, it’s both a place to blog yourself and to gather stories from the paper. A workspace? A social network? A bit of both? From the looks of the pics on Flickr it resembles a blog-centric social network, like Vox. But Shane’s not giving too many details.

It certainly has the makings of a significant expansion of a major national newspaper into the user-generated content field, although the legal ramifications of all this blogging under the Telegraph’s name must have given them pause for thought.

But, worries aside, it could also be the idea that triggers mainstream adoption of blogging by the British public. And that’s pretty damn exciting.