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Le Web: MySpace goes Real Time

Ah, MySpace. Once the poster child of social networks, now a huge online hub for music. 
And it wants to push that into the real time world, creating the ability to see how music trends are developing all over the world. 
MySpace is opening up the activity streams of its users for application developers. This is pushed out in real time, so you can create rich real time experiences including MySpace’s data.

Monica Keller of MySpace

The first users of the streams are:
  • Google
  • OneRiot
  • Groovy
The new APIs allow the sharing of user profile data between MySpace and outside services, and well as the writing of data backwards and forwards between the service, including photos, etc. 
And they’re using a whole shopping list of open standards to do this:
  • OpenID
  • oAuth
  • ActivityStrea.ms
  • PubSubHubbub
  • OpenSocial
  • OpenSearch

Le Web 08: The Social Stack

marc canter

Marc Canter (who didn't, in fact, perish yesterday) lead an entertainingly scrappy session on open standards around social information. He started by giving Facebook's senior platform manager Dave Morin a hard time about Facebook apps. Has the social network pushed apps back with the recent revamp of the site?

Morin responded that there were always multiple integration points for apps, and the most important was the profile box, but that didn't always give a good user experience. The news feed has become very popular, and that's become their focus. Users can display most recent actions. Devs can user it to get engagement.

Canter riposted quickly: "The feed is the epitome of your locked in strategy."

Dave Recordon, the open platforms tech lead from Six Apart joined in the criticism: "Open platforms have been more successful, historically," he argued. Even if Facebook is currently the shiney place, if developers can write and application once and put it loads of places, Facebook will be marginalised.

MySpace has taken the opposite route, argued Max Engel, head of data availability initiative at MySpace. They're building using open standards because the "internet routes around roadblocks and we want to be part of the flow". MySpace users already thing of themselves as Myspace.com/profile, so we're in a great place to bring thsi forward. "We've now implemented everything on the open stack." The stack is a group of technologies which enable open social platforms. Canter gave us this slide of it:

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