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iPads: for the technophobic B2B markets…?

Damian Wild on building Estates Gazette‘s first iPad app:

When it comes to embracing new technologies property isn’t normally on the fast train. It’s a face-to-face business, dealing with assets that usually last lifetimes. But at EG we’ve sensed a change this year. The visibility of iPads at events has shot up and, for some of the more forward-thinking developers and advisers, augmented reality is more what happens after too many drinks in a Mayfair wine bar.

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Estates Gazette launches iPad app

Photo 28-07-2011 01 39 18 PM

The good folks at Estates Gazette have launched their first iPad app. The Special Edition focuses around the property issues (and property people) involved in sporting events like the Olympic Games, coming to a London near you next year.

There’s a real mix of images, text and video, and the whole shebang is free to you on the App Store, thanks to sponsorship from property firm CBRE.

A few more screen shots:

Photo 28-07-2011 01 37 18 PM

Photo 28-07-2011 01 39 10 PM

Property, Social Media and What Works Online


If you thought I was quiet towards the end of last week and over the weekend, there was a good reason why: I was preparing myself to open the RICS Social Media Conference 2011. It was very lovely of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors to invite me to introduce the indutry I wrote about for a decade to the ideas that have been central to my working life for the last five years. And I had a blast doing it.

Fellow speaker Kimm Tasso has blogged about the day, and I’ve posted something on What Works Online, a group blog written by RBI staff to help businesses learn, well, what works online…

#TEDxTuttle : The Future of Buildings

Rachel ArmstrongRachel Armstrong is talking about the future of architecture

She likes architecture because of its scale - it's the biggest things we make. And it's the footprint we leave behind. Architecture has always been a technology. The materials we chose in architecture have been there to wall out nature. This creates belligerent architectures that oppose nature.
Buildings are 40% of our carbon footprint, and are still largely built using Victorian techniques. Sustainable architectures needs to be connected to the natural world. Living systems are in constant conversation with the rest of the world through the chemical processes of metabolisms. Imagine if the surfaces of our buildings have metabolic functions - how much difference could that make to the environment?
Low tech biotech: different from most biotech, which is expensive technology created in sterile laboratories. We don't know what all bacteria in urban landscapes actually do - which of them are actually beneficial? Could bioluminescent bacteria be used to light parts of the cities?

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Heading to be2camp Brum


Those of you who remember my days as a property journalist (and indeed, when this blog was substantially about the built environment) might be interested to know that I’m off to Be2camp Brum the week after next.

Be2camp is a series of unconference-style events focusing on the use of social web technologies in the built environment. And given that those are two of my passions, I’m looking forward to it hugely.