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Estates Gazette launches iPad app

Photo 28-07-2011 01 39 18 PM

The good folks at Estates Gazette have launched their first iPad app. The Special Edition focuses around the property issues (and property people) involved in sporting events like the Olympic Games, coming to a London near you next year.

There’s a real mix of images, text and video, and the whole shebang is free to you on the App Store, thanks to sponsorship from property firm CBRE.

A few more screen shots:

Photo 28-07-2011 01 37 18 PM

Photo 28-07-2011 01 39 10 PM

Climbing The Tower


Hayes Davidson and John Maclean

I appear to have some explaining to do. This cultural chap made an aside about a comment I made on a post he made on Samizdata. (With me so far?) To summarise: he was delighted that London Bridge Tower (pictured) had gained planning permission and therefore was going to be built. I pointed out that just gaining planning permission isn’t enough to get something built. What did I mean by that?

Well, there are a number of things a big office scheme needs to get built. The land? Check. The design? Check? The planning permission? Check. The money? Ah, well now. Office schemes like this are built as investments, the cost of their construction justified by the revenue stream generated through tenants leasing space in the building. At the moment, the Sellar Property Group has no tenants lined up for the building, which is a little out of the traditional office core for the City.

Sellar told our online news service that he needs 40 to 50% of the building prelet before he starts on site and even then, and the preparation work needed means that construction can’t start before 2005 at the earliest. So, the building may be in the home straight, there’s a hurdle to be overcome yet.

Clearer now?

Dining in Canary Wharf

Cabot Hall Another day, another working lunch. This time it was the RICS Property Management Awards, held at Cabot Hall over at Canary Wharf. It made a pleasant change from the normal hotels, with the high ceiling, huge open side and views over the docks. Summer lunchtime dining can be very pleasant indeed.

Not much else to say about this picture, really. I just like the pattern the tables make across the hall and the stream of people making their way towards their lunch.