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Morning Coffee Reading – 22 March 2010

Mainly to save me from losing them when my old PC is taken away and humanely destroyed, to be replaced by a brand new PC to drive my mad…

And this video has been embedded everywhere – but it’s worth watching if you haven’t seen it yet:

#media140 : Learning To Listen

Ciarán NorrisFormer colleague Ciarán Norris is going to tell us how to listen.

Use your ears?
First up: why should we listen on Twitter? Exponential growth in the last year, for one. We’ve had a growth of people at the creator end of the scale. First you had know HTML, then you had to have a blog, and now you just need Twitter, a mobile phone and maybe a cameras. 
And because of that, Google is now your company front page, and other people’s work maybe on the front page and more interesting than yours. Tools like ViralTracker allow them to follow how pieces of work spread across the web. Delicious is still a good way of seeing how people view your brand. Tweetdeck gives you the ability to understand and monitor Twitter across multiple accounts. Tweetfunnel allows multiple people to manage one account. Tweetmeme tracks how links are spread around Twitter. They’re adding analytics (which I’m testing and it’s cool). Twitterfall, great way to check what people are saying around a brand.
But: some perspective. 2% of Iranians have access to Twitter, so it’s the “liberal intelligentsia talking to the liberal intelligentsia in the west”.
Some good examples: